Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Dawn for Britain

I am reliably informed that the real name of Libertas UK is not indeed Libertas UK at all. Due to some slightly naughty activity on behalf of one Bridgit Rowe, who registered the name Libertas UK with the Electoral Commision.

I understand that Mr Ganley's party is to be called, the slightly Moaist sounding,

New Dawn for Britain Party


Skimming through the Electoral Commission's list of parties I was interested to note this one. Yes 2 Europe, was set up Mr Brendan Donnelly, the former Tory MEP, then candidate for the defunct pro-European Conservatives in the 1999 elections, then the Lib/Dems and now Director of the think tank, the Federal Trust. With Mr Donnelly is another of the usual suspects, Professor Stephen Haseler. With them is a Ms Alison Sutherland, who I think is the legal advisor to the Local Government Association, and could be the daughter of former EU Commissioner Peter Sutherland.

I wonder if Brendan has told the Lb/Dems he has set up another party?

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