Thursday, March 05, 2009

"EU kinks do constrain us."

Treasury Minister Angela Eagle admits that our hands are tied by EU law when it comes to legislating in the countries interest.

She was speaking at an event in the Commons yesterday all about the pub crisis.

On the thorny issue of alcohol tax, Treasury minister Angela Eagle said she was in "Budget purdah" so couldn't go into details.
But she said: "I hear what you say about the [duty] escalator and lets keep up the
She rejected calls for lower alcohol tax for drinks sold at pub compared to supermarkets, saying it would be illegal under EU law.
"It's not legal to have different tax rates for some products based on where it is
"EU kinks do constrain us."
Of course those who point out that Pubcos and Breweries forcing tied houses to spend more per pint than is available down Tescos have a very good point



The whole thrust of beer taxes is to prevent the plebs meeting down the pub and talking to each other about the tyrannies of our administration,isolation is the name of the game.

Gawain Towler said...

Every pub is a Parliament