Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blog Burst

Currently drowning and unable to realy put anything together. So in the light of being a caring sharing type I would like to point you to a few other things that took my and hopefully your interest.

Children are parents responsibility, and the Government should remember that, go here and remind them.

Transparency, not as clear as it sounds,
"More to the point, as long as they declare it, is it OK for European consultancies to advise Gazprom, for instance, on how to take over EU energy utilities? And what of NGOs financed by the Commission, meaning you and me? Can they lobby for or against Commission policy, as they please, as long as they are registered?
I forgot. Form before substance, that is the very first principle of transparency.
100,000 to find out the gender bias of trumpets. Good spend of taxpayers cash don't you think?
The Swedish Research Council has granted over USD 100,000 to a three year project in musical sciences, “The trumpet as symbol of gender”, which intends to seek suspected gender-specific vocalities of the instrument. The gender insanity reaches new heights, writes Tanja Bergkvist.
The Tories come up with quite a good viral; Sorry from Gordon

Dizzy spots that the French are laughing at us.

Is Bill Cash finally beginning to accept that we might indeed be 'better off out'? in yesterday's delightfully named 'Effectiveness of the European Union' debate.
I am not arguing that we should leave the Union, like Bob Spink, but it may well turn into that. It may become inevitable. The objective will be brought upon us.

Tiresome nonentity supports tiresome nonentity - well doesn't oppose

To the serious Belgian press, the EU is as about as important as Latvian poetry,
So what did Peter Vandermeersch, chief editor of De Standaard answer? Basically he avoided answering the question (”don’t think we have a poor record…hahaha”) and instead compared the EU with the ‘obscure’ topic of Latvian poems claiming that an editor has to make editorial decisions and needs to listen to the customers (not readers or citizens!) - And he continues: “Latvian poems can be beautiful but are not relevant…”
What is it with Government IT projects?
The security services have had to write off tens of millions of pounds because an IT project intended to protect secret communications did not work,

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