Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Watson has no idea, or news for that matter.

Knowing my deep and abiding interest in the presidential campaign of Graham Watson a friend decided to send me a couple of links.

First this one to the Watson Presidential campaiagn website - the news section. And what is revealed?

It’s vital that politicians speak up for their principles and reach out to others in pursuit of common goals. That’s the way to beat cynicism about politics, and confront euroscepticism head-on.
In this section, you will find my press releases, information about my activities, and some press comment about the work I do. They reflect my determination that the
EU should do a good job for its citizens, and that those same citizens should hear about the work their MEPs do.

Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

Rather delightfully there are neither entries for 'Latest News' or 'Latest Events'.

But better still is the ideas page,

Evidently dear Graham has no ideas.

Though I hear he had a thouroughly good time at the Burns Night dinner the other week.

Oh and he is getting excited about launching a book. But of course the link to it goes to a 404 error page.

Note to Watson: Don't sent out adverts to your website, before it works.

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