Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Madoff for it

Now here's a funny thing. At the Parliament's Bureau meeting on the 12th january, in the Huis Clos/In Camera section of the meeting this little item cropped up
16. Observation on the voluntary pension fund
The Bureau
- heard an intervention from Mr ONESTA, Vice-President, concerning the voluntary
pension fund and the possible impact on that fund of the 'Madoff' financial fraud case in the United States.
I wonder what that is all about. After all the MEP pension scheme is shall we say the source of some controversy already, and it just wouldn't do to think that the poor dears are going to be blown out by their investment policy. But that is alright, last time their was a hole in their bucket they filled it with a convienient unused part of EU cash (er tax payers cash).

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