Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ganley looks for a new home

According to the Parliament website Mr Ganley's problems are set to get worse,

On Monday, the Parliament's Bureau (comprised of its President and 14 Vice Presidents) had approved an application by Libertas to register as a "political party at European level". Since then, two of the signatories - Mr Igor Gräzin, Member of the Estonian Parliament and Mr Mintcho Hristov Kouminev, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament - have denied signing for the purpose of registering a political party at European level, thereby casting doubt on the validity of their signatures. Given the Parliament's legal obligation to verify that the conditions for registration are fully and properly met, on a continuing basis, the Conference of Presidents, which brings together the leaders of all the political groups, discussed this matter at its meeting today.

The Conference of Presidents asked the Parliament's administration to look into the issue in detail as a matter of urgency. The administration will contact all the European, national and regional law-makers whose signatures were submitted by Libertas, when it applied for the status of political Party at European level, in order to verify the situation. In the interim, the release of funds to Libertas has been put on hold. If the Bureau concludes that Libertas has correctly fulfilled the legal requirements, then its recognition as a European political party will proceed in the normal way.

I do hope that they were not expecting to pay for the swish offices in Euroville with the 200,000 euros off the Parliament, if so they better try to find some park bench in the Parc Cinquantenaire and sharpish.
I am informed that Libertas have now signed up three more members so with two down it looks likely that their cash may well still be forthcoming. There again my information may be duff.

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