Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Satire at the BBC

BBC goes with a straight face, and when they are good they are very, very good.

The head of the World Meteorological Organisation has said that global warming does not mean the end of snow.

Secretary-General Michel Jarraud, stressed that Europe's current harsh winter could not hide the fact of a rise in global temperatures.

He added that this would lead to snow and cold winters becoming more infrequent, but they would not disappear.

France hit by heavy snow storms(01.24)
Ice storm turns off US power(01.14)
Cold snap continues across UK(02.12)
Woman survives prolonged snow ordeal(01.05)
Thank you Mr North


I'm Hernadi-Key said...

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The Aunt said...

Oddly enough global warming means a colder Western Europe because the Gulf Stream will shut down, no longer bathe France and GB in warmer water, and leave us all freezing our backsides off.

Scoffing at global warming because you're cold means you've not read up enough about its probable effects.

Budgie said...

AGW (anthropogenic global warming) was originally defined as inexorable, exclusively caused by mankind via man made CO2, and able to over ride all other climate effects.

This has clearly been shown to be rubbish: so much so that its acolytes renamed it "climate change" (see Watts up with that blog).

Every aspect of climate is driven by the sun which has much more effect than man made pollutants. Otherwise the climate would have been stable prior to man's industrialisation. We know it was not stable in the past.

AGW is a hoax driven by a fashionable neo-ideology. In the same way adulation of Blair was once fashionable; and adulation of Obama currently is.