Monday, December 01, 2008

"The people who matter"

A very telling statement from Commission President Barosso reported in today's Telegraph,
"The president of the European Commission claimed last night that some senior
Labour politicians believed that Britain would be financially better off had it joined the euro. José Manuel Barroso, said that the UK was "closer than ever before'' to entering the single currency, and that "people who matter in Britain are currently thinking about it''. "The crisis has emphasised the importance of the euro, and that undoubtedly has also been the case in the United Kingdom,'' Mr Barroso told French radio"

Did he now. Well dammit the "people who matter, unless it had escaoped you attention you jumeped up Portugoose tecchno/autocrat, are the British people,. Not a bunch of eluite avatars who go by the collective name of the 'political class'.

Go on then, ask the people who really matter, that's right the Brityish people, and see what answer you get then.

Oligarchs don't just exist in Russia it seems.



Well at least we now know what we have suspected for a long time,and the only way to free ourselves from this communist filth ,is to kill it.

Jon Worth said...

Are you a recruit to Anyone But Barroso then?

Central Scrutiniser said...

Gosh - what an unlikely alliance - UKIP and UK Labour. Your enemy's enemy is, apparently, your friend.

For the moment it is doubtful whether the UK would benefit from such high interest rates as those set for the eurozone by the ECB.

How the world, or Europe at least, is turned on its head in a few short weeks!

Budgie said...

Do you really think the man who denied us a referendum on the EU Lisbon Constitutional treaty will give us a referendum on the euro?

Anonymous said...

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