Thursday, October 09, 2008

Racke, wollen sie ewig leben?*

Which seems to the only sane response to the latest meddling demands from the health fascists.

The price of alcohol must be increased and beer, wine and spirits companies should be banned from advertising, doctors have advised.
Why? Because people die from alcohol. Yes we know that, butt (OK point taken Tim) booze also gives great pleasure. Sometimes you just have to let people weigh up in their own minds the downsides and the upsides. Take responsibility for themselves and act upon their own selfish desires. In the meantime they add to the economy and remain breathing semi - sentient beings.

In the meantime this sort of heavy handed risk driven fearful approach to public policy just goes further to demonise and dehumanise one our most cherished activities. Another nail in the coffin of our freedoms.

As the wartime song goes,
"If you drink you will die,
If you don't drink you will die.
So it's better to be drunk than be sober when you die.
Na na Nah etc..."

(*Dogs, would you live forever? : Frederick the Great)


Alan Douglas said...

Butt booze - I kid you not, I was looking up aphids yesterday - is what ants drink from aphids bottoms. Some ants keep aphids for just this purpose.

There is even a reference to this in Antz, one ant says it puts him right off.

Alan Douglas

Gawain Towler said...

Thanks for the illuminating fact Alan