Friday, August 01, 2008

Cartoon Case to head to Strasbourg

The collective of chippy Muslim organisations seem to have come to the conclusion that the Danish authorites will not give them the pound of flesh they seek (Maybe Fleming Rose's head?) in the long running Danish Cartoon ontroversy. The Danish High Court have found that,

not guilty of libel in connection with the 2005 publication of the 12 cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.
Now they plan to take the case to teh Supreme Court but have already started talking about taking it to the ECHR,

They plaintiffs are calling for the courts to punish the two editors to the fullest extent, and have also made a claim for 50,000 kroner compensation.
Assaad said that if the organisations did not succeed with their Supreme Court case, they would consider an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.
Now that would be interesting. I wonder if the costumed ones in Stras will have suffer from enough cultural cringe to find against Jyllands Posten?

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