Thursday, July 03, 2008

Get on, get on, get on, The Gravy Train

On Monday I will be taking my seat on the Gravy Train, that special chartered fast French TGV that will take me in comfort and at speed to Strasbourg. It will cut hours off the journey time and from my own selfish perspective I am heartily pleased that it exists.

Why the Parliament need to charter its own train, while it already charters flights from Brussels to Strasbourg I am not sure. There is already a milk train that goes from the Luxembourg station in Brussels, 50 yards from the Parliament to Stras. The difference is that the hoi polloi can use the same train as us advanced beings, which was a situation that obviously could not be allowed to continue.

However the Parliament Staff Committee are less than happy. In a survey of their members they tell us that the two charter flights must be retained and even the police presence at the main Brussels railway station be beefed up.

You see when they get back from Strasbourg normal people might se them as they disembark. And you average functionary is rather frightened of the great unwashed.

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Central Scrutiniser said...

Have you considered that these arrangements might be to protect 'we the people' from you lot, Gawain?