Thursday, July 03, 2008

BBC gives BBC backing

So we now have the UK winners of this years most pointless, and may I say invidious prize. The European parliament's own journalism prize (UK chapter) have selected for this coveted award someone in each of the four categories - TV, Radio, Internet and print. They will now do battle with the same number from all 26 countries.

What is fascinating to note is that two of the four British entry's are from the BBC. And who was on the judging panel? Yup you guessed it, the BBC…

The UK judging panel

There were three members of the UK judging panel, from BBC Radio, the Association of European Journalists, and the Reuters Institute for Journalism.

According to the prizes rules
Rule 4 – Admission procedure
1. The European Parliament shall post a call for applications on the internet site of its information office in each European Union Member State and, if necessary, advertise it.
2. The call for applications for the 2008 edition of the European Parliament Prize for Journalism shall be deemed open on 15 March 2008, and shall be closed on 15 May 2008.
3. The application form will be available on the internet sites of the above European Parliament information offices. It must be duly completed either by the entrants themselves, in their own names or on behalf of the teams of which they are members, or by an authority representing the medium that employs them, or by a member of the general public recommending a published article or broadcast programme.
4. Only one entry per entrant or per team shall be admitted, but a single medium may submit several entries.
5. There shall be no entry fee, provided the requirements set out in Rule 5 are met.
I have written to discover how many nominations there were for the four categories. And how many were nominated by the public and how many by themselves, and how many by their own organisation?

I will of course keep you updated on the response.

There were 15 entries. 3 TV, 1 radio, 6 internet; 5 written.

None were nominated by the general public, indeed they were all nominated by themselves. Which is no real suprise when you come to think of it.

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Maverick said...

This is a bit like the BBC Trust - the beeboids regulate themselves and notify the telly tax payers that they are in actual fact not biased.