Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diplomatic balls up

In the atrium of the Council of Ministers building the Justis Lupsis each country as it takes up the presidency likes to make a bit of a show. The French being no exception decided to fill the space with an almighty great balloon.

The design is based upon the colour schemes of the flags of the twenty seven member states.

What cannot be seen here is the fact that the colour scheme for the Finns was reversed. They were not amused.

The French blamed a Dutch contractor for the error, then when this was felt to be unacceptable as an excuse claimed that they had not seen the great bubble before it was blown up in situ.

I was of course late to this story

Many thanks to a new(ish) friend for these splendid pictures.


Anonymous said...

Was it the Austrians with their bar code that ran into a similar problem with the Estonians (?)


Free Niche Market Ideas said...

I would also like to get answer for nick's question.