Monday, July 14, 2008

A bit of vanity

Today I was asked by an Italian magazine to provide some answers to a few questions about our approach to the European Union and the Lisbon Treaty. Below are my answers,
1) - You welcomed the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Why?
The rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is to be welcomed as it allowed at least a small number of the general public to have their voice heard on the European stage. The European Union, personified in the Lisbon Treaty is a vehicle of the elite, a supra-national nationalist elite of a country called Europe. When the people are asked their opinion they, time and time again call a halt, but the elite refuse to accept these response and plough on regardless. The more this happens the more obvious it becomes that they, the elite are out of touch with and have no interest in the wishes of the peoples of Europe. The Irish spoke for the disenfranchised of the 26 countries who were denied a say. We all know that the response from Germany, France, Holland, the United Kingdom and others would be resoundingly negative. The Irish vote highlighted this fact.
2) - Do you think the ratification process could keep on?
I think that the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty will continue in those countries that have not ratified except in Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. To that end the desire to have the new constitutional dimension in place before the European elections of next year will be thwarted as all 27 countries must, legally ratify before it can come into force. The new Commission will be in place under the old rules.
3) - What do you suggest to do in order to respect the Irish vote. Do you call for a European referendum on Lisbon treaty?
Ratification should stop. To do otherwise is to hold the people of Ireland in contempt. This of course will not happen, because the European elite do hold the Irish people in contempt. There should be referendums in each and every country, so that the people can have their say. Again this will not happen, because everybody knows what the answer would be and the answer is unacceptable to the elite.
4) - What is the alternative to the Lisbon Treaty, considering that European union needs rules and institutional reforms in order to deal with the new member states?

We were told that the Constitution was essential for future enlargement's. Well that is obviously not true as the process continues - in the case of Croatia for example. The EU works in its fashion today, as it did yesterday. The story that either the Constitution or the Lisbon Treaty is essential or everything would fall apart is a myth made up to scare small children. Of course I would prefer Britain to leave the EU for a thousand different reasons but I cannot see the EU seizing up now or in the future.

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