Thursday, June 26, 2008

The world goes bannanas

It has been bubbling under for a while but they have finally done it. Spain is offering human rights to apes. Not only that but some soft hearted, soft minded English woman is taking a case to the ECHR on behalf of an ape.

This seems to me to be of a piece. There are those who, in the goodness oftheir hearts wish to speak on behalf of those who have no voice. The poor, the various sorts of minorities and so on. What seems to happen though is that the minorities in wquestion have their own voices and often disagree wholeheartedly with what is being said in their name. Witness the C2 vote for Thatcher and recent statements by Trevor Phillips about multiculturalism. In the case of animals there is no threat that the animals in question will ever turn around and say sod off.

Perfect so your heart can bl eed to your hearts content without any chance of being upstaged by the poor downtrodden saying inconvienient and oppositional stuff.

But, but maybe this is just an attempt to allow European Parliamentarians some form of human dignity. Their own trade association can be found here


Alfred the Ordinary said...

Got the jist, but the just gives
Ce site va vous permettre de trouver tout renseignement utile concernant l'Association Parlementaire Européenne – APE et vous rendre nos services facilement accessibles.

Becuase, of course, I'm not a membre du Parlement européen,

Anonymous said...

I'm going ape!

Anonymous said...

Miss Paula needs a boyfriend/girlfriend/hobby poste haste!