Friday, June 06, 2008

Ten green bottles?

The demise of the European Parliamentary Tory leader Giles Chichester is prompting fears amongst Conservatives both in Brussels and Werstminster that the dam has broken. Over the past few weeks there has been a drip drip drip of scandal coming over the blue benches that is puttingt he fear of God into a number of their MEPs.

So far only Chichester has (part) fallen on his sword, that is if the great jab in his back from the CCO team wasn't sufficient to puncture his armoured hide.

The arguement given by his Chief Whip in the Times this morning is risible,
"Mr Dover’s declaration about his contract with M P Holdings states: “My wife manages all my secretarial services. My daughter is a part-time assistant and is a fully qualified secretary. Both these are required to work very unsociable hours in Brussels, Strasbourg and throughout the north-west of England (including all weekends).” M P Holdings has a “turnover” of £125,000 a year and administrative expenses of £126,000. "

I don't think that the guys in the next door office would recognise them. I have certainly never seen them in Strasbourg, and very rarely over the years in Brussels. Bunkum Den, and you know it.

Then there is the egregious Sir Bob Atkins, and others who will be holding their breath.

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