Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Hadda Referendum

Congratulations to the "I wanna Referendum" team on the results of their referenda up and down the country.

I cannot pretend that I was eveer in doubt as to the result of the experiment, 88% voted No. But my fear was that the turnout would be too small and thus undermine the moral power of the results.

By breaking the 35% barrier and thus getting a turnout greater than normal local elections they have shown that the interest of the peope of Britain in their own future is real.

The official press release from the ampaign has the following comments.

Polling expert Anthony Wells from UK Polling Report said: "A turnout in the mid thirties is stunning for a private referendum, higher than you'd expect to find in some actual local elections. Private referendums run the risk of only those sympathetic to the cause taking part in the vote, but with independent opinion polls consistently showing around four-fifths of those who express an opinion support a referendum, these don't seem too out of line."

Mike Hancock MP said: "I'm absolutely delighted that so many people have taken part. I knew that people were interested because so many of my constituents have got in touch with me about it."

Kate Hoey MP said: "This is a fantastic response. All MPs should now take note, listen to their constituents and vote for a referendum on Wednesday."

Derek Scott said: "This is a great result. These MPs must now make it clear whether they are prepared to listen to the wishes of their constituents or just ignore them."

Simon Hearn from Electoral Reform Services said: "Electoral Reform Services can confirm that the administration of the ballot went very smoothly. We are satisfied that any individual who received a ballot paper was able to vote in secret and have their vote accurately counted."

I repeat, congratulations to all involved.

Now can we start to work as a team?

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Anonymous said...

They worked as a team with others over last week's Lobby of Parliament for a referendum, which they co-organised with the Democracy Movement and Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution.

But who is it you want them to work with, and what does that group offer?