Sunday, February 03, 2008

Friends of influence, and influencing friends

This is how the the Tories have normally defended their relationship with the EPP. Bot of course the Conservative party has another friend who is currently riding high, one John McCain.

This is how he was welcomed to Cameron's first party conference as leader back in October 2006,

“They’ve got the last president of the United States; we want the next one.” There was more than one-upmanship to David Cameron’s welcome for Senator John McCain at the opening of the Conservative Conference in Bournemouth.
So what vision does Mr McCain have for the UK, after all if he did indeed win the Republican nomination, he is just an election away from being President and thus Britain's most important ally. Well a good friend pointed me to this long piece in last month's Foriegn Affairs magazine.
“The United States did not single-handedly win the Cold War; the transatlantic alliance did, in concert with partners around the world. The bonds we share with Europe in terms of history, values, and interests are unique. Unfortunately, they have frayed. As president, one of my top foreign policy priorities will be to revitalize the transatlantic partnership.

Americans should welcome the rise of a strong, confident European Union. The future of the transatlantic relationship lies in confronting the challenges of the twenty-first century worldwide: developing a common energy policy, creating a transatlantic common market tying our economies more closely together, and institutionalizing our cooperation on issues such as climate change, foreign assistance, and democracy promotion.”
Oh my giddy aunt. The transatlantic alliance did indeed take part in the winning of the cold war. Mostly Nato and a certain bit of Thatcher, Reagan teamwork. Indeed most of what is now the EU was on the other side, or itting with their broad subsidised arses pinned firmly to the fence.

"Institutionalizing our cooperation". No John, no, no, no. What you are saying here is putting our cooperation into an institution... bedlam.

So I have a feeling that the old dictum works, you can tell a man by the company he keeps. Don't you think so Mr Cameron?


not_an_eu_lover said...

This is the same John McCain who favours the Tories staying with the EPP, isn't it?

Pablo the Scot said...

Oh my giddy aunt!

Not even connected to historical fact then. Obviously part of that group who subscribes to 'The EU has kept the peace in Europe since 1945' school.