Monday, February 04, 2008

Dictator's Manual

This is the back page puff for a children’s book produced by Elly Kouwenhoven, who renamed herself Els de Groen MEP, in order to be eponymous with her affiliations, that is with the Dutch Green movement. This is going to be quite a long post, because I think it reveals the mindset of a large tranche of the European Elite. This is what they think should be taught in schools.

Freedom of speech is understood as the right to insult and swear, and democracy is thought to be a legitimate platform for those who are not democratic. The principles of a constitutional state, where every citizen is equal before the law, are drowned out by torrents of abuse. Populists are popular, intellectuals are considered “soft”. In January 2007 racists, xenophobes, and Holocaust deniers formed a far right faction in the European Parliament. This book is a strong protest against the assault on the good name of the European Parliament and its serious members. It also endeavours to raise awareness of the fact that there is no legislation to keep neo-fascists and racists out of Parliament.

After having had many discussions, jointly initiated a written declaration, raised the issue at the plenary session, undertaken other fruitless efforts in the European Parliament to change the legislation, published a number of articles, and been twice attacked at the plenary session, there was no other option for me to use my skills as a writer to create this book, together with the famous Dutch cartoonist Len Munnik. This for the sake of real Democracy, the European Union and the promise that such events should “never again” be permitted to occur.
The storyline of the book goes roughly as follows.

Once upon a time there was an ugly small mummy’s boy who was quite bright. He was bullied at school. He was given a big fierce dog.

Now the bullies didn’t attack him, and he began to enjoy watching them beat up other children. They were skinheads who wore black.

He did a deal with them, he gave them tickets to the movies and he would “make sure they got better grades”.

He was the teacher’s pet, She was worried that her once peaceful classroom was becoming uncontrollable.

“It’s all because of the foreigners,” replied the boy knowingly, no longer an outsider himself. They smell like they eat different foods, hide behind scarves, and refuse to join us in the gym... Who do they think they are? They cause fights.”
The teacher thought about that. “People are different al over the world, dear.”
“But the whole world does not fit in one classroom.”

The teacher starts to ignore the bullies behaviour and the complaints of beaten up ethnic girls.

Our hero now starts taking protection money from some children in order to pay the bullies. WE discover that the initial bribe (the tickets) were stolen from his sister.

Boy dreams of political power in a bedroom festooned with fascist symbols and pictures of Hitlertian figures. (see illustration)

He tries to bring his sister into his plans, she laughs at him.

He kills her cat.

She destroys his collection of fascist symbols.

He tells his (now very big skinhead) team of bullies. Like Henry II’s knights they take themselves off and chuck his sister of a bridge.

She survives but is exiled like Heidi up a mountain with her grandmother.

The boy is master of all he surveys, but is frightened of shadows.
Boy goes into politics, the bullies metamorphose into Mafiosi enforcers.

“And so a party was established that entered parliament. The boy specialised in populism, the bullies in causing riots and their party grew. Everything went smoothly. The boy could also have become a businessman or a general, but his opportunism had led him in a direction where he could combine all three.”

The End.

Some of the illustrations are quite fun. But the message is extraordinary. Dictator’s are mummy’s boys who hate/are fearful of girls, and are thus drawn to hard right politics through the application of violence.

But take another look at her own thinking and it is truly frightening. She is trying through coarse propaganda aimed at children to push forward a political position which would outlaw some areas of political thought. She is appalled that there is no legislation banning nationalist or “popular” parties.

If anybody wants to read a dictatorial mindset, don’t read the book, but just turn over and read the justification. This woman, like so many like her has all the ambition ever needed to create a dictatorship – in her case the dictatorship is for what she describes as “real democracy, the European Union”.

The good news is that this hardback publication – translated into four languages - is taxpayer funded.

So thank you all for your generosity. It truly is money well spent.


Pablo the Scot said...

This is truly appaling.

'Right' democracy by which, from the context, it is plain she means people who think like her. Anyone of contrary view is either stupid, or evil, or both. Only a short step from her little book to locking up her political opponents in a nice safe place where they can labour to correct the damage they have done to 'European society'. I know, why not call these re-education centres concentration camps?

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, when I was in the 5th or 6th form at school, one teacher provoked a discussion about the freedoms of living under Communism - the freedom from attack by hooligans, freedom from drunks, freedom to catch the bus, etc. It became quite interesting when we challenged about freedom to think, and indeed how he had subtly changed the definition of freedom each side of the Cold War barrier. Although he probably was a lefty, I am certain that the purpose was to warn the class about such manipulation. These days, it would be taught as fact!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you all are living on an island off the coast of civilisation