Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quite right too

According to PA,
Police have said the Essex driver of a Range Rover which was in collision with a quad bike ridden by seven-year-old girl would not be charged with any offence.
The 28-year-woman from Brentwood was arrested on suspicion of careless driving after Elizabeth Cooke died following the accident on Boxing Day.
Elizabeth and her 10-year-old brother Jack were each riding petrol-engined quad bikes behind their father Gary's Range Rover near the family home in Blackmore, Essex, when the accident happened.
The girl, who had been given the quad bike for Christmas, was initially taken home and died in hospital later after suffering "internal" injuries.
Police, who have not named the woman driving the Range Rover, said officers were continuing to investigate the accident and "examining the culpability of all involved parties".
If I remember rightly they initially arrested the driver, mentioning suspicions she had been drink driving. The other parties I take it will be the thouroughly irresponsible parents who had illegaly allowed the children to ride the bikes on a public road, without helmets.
Whilst their loss is unthinkable and they will no doubt be blaming themselves already the thought that the girl who was just driving down the road could have been blamed for the accident was utterly wrong.

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