Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No, anything but that

According to reports on EU Observer and in the Telegraph, Sarkozy is preparing to endorse Tony Blair as the first non-rotating President of Europe. Given that the wrangling for this and the position of Foreign Minister (a job we believe Sarko would like to go to Bernard Kouchner currently France's Foreign Minister) will be taking place during the French Presidency in the second half of this year this would be a significant endorsement. As the article puts it,

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair will attend a conference of French president Nicolas Sarkozy's centre-right party UMP on Saturday (12 January), in what is said to be his first intervention for a party other than his own.

The move is fuelling speculation that Mr Blair, who belongs to the UK's center-left Labour party, is in the running for EU president – a new high-profile job that can be held for up to five years starting in 2009.

And it makes me feel all cold inside. The thought of Blair taking the European Union's imperial purple given the way in which he presented the Reform Treaty/Constitution as a fait accompli to Brown as his last significant act as Prime Minister abhorrent.

The man is sly, slick, disingenuous and has contempt for the people. Perfect qualifications for the job, I suppose.
(Picture from Number 10 website)


Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Yes but he's sly, slick, disingenuous and BRITISH. Why is it centRE-left but centER-right? No hidden messages there, I hope?

Elaib Harvey said...

So it's a case of "He's a bastard, but our bastard"?

Intresting textual analysis, methinks that underhand things are afot...

The Aunt said...

I'm a lot more worried about Kouchner being Mr Foreign. The man's made a career out of being a loose cannon.