Monday, December 10, 2007

Well spotted

Good to see that Con Home has noticed that somebody had been given the thankless task of trying to set up the Movement for European Reform. Bit late, given that I reported it here on the 28th November, but I guess I'm glad they have caught up.
However they claim that Geoffrey Van Orden is suited to the job because he knows the Bulgarian politicians well, after he was the Parliament's rapporteur for Bulgarian entry into the EU.

Couple of points. At the time he was doing the normal thing of swearing that there would be no major movement of people from Bulgaria to the UK (against all evidence of previous enlargements), and indeed describing those who warned against the enevitable as xenophobes, no Geoffrey, realists.
The second point is that this pious hope,
"Mr Van Orden has particularly strong links with Bulgarian politicians and, alongside the Czech ODS, Sofia may be the third major capital city of the new grouping".
The problem is that the party which was unveiled by Cameron in Brussels earlier this year as the third pole of the new group, singuilarly failed to get any MEPs elected, and is unlikely to change that position in 2009. So Van Ordinaire will have his work cut out.

There again according to the Tory press officer over here, the new grouping is not in fact anything to do with leaving the EPP,
"The Conservatives' Peter WILDING said MER is a philosophical platform, not a political party, and does not interfere with EPP".


Anonymous said...

Talking of elections, how many MEPs did UKIP's friends in Romania get elected there recently?

Elaib Harvey said...

None, zip, zero.

But UKIP have already got a group of largely like minded fellows in the Euriopean Parliament,. whereas the great and powerful Tory party cannot even get two parties together. Hey Ho

Troll on my dear

Anonymous said...

So was the commitment to the continuation of the CAP really worth it then?

If you can't identify the difference between trolling and disgreeing you really shouldn't be inviting comment at all.

Elaib Harvey said...

Your disagreement is with my point abouyt the Tories being able to leave the EPP? Nope.
Instead you bring up something entirely unpertinent to the affair.,
Thus not a disagreement but a trolling excercise.

Put two politicains in a room and find perfect agreement and you either have clones or liars. The Ind/Dem Group has neither.
'Tis not perfect, hell I would be the first to agree, but in the grand scheme of things it works

Anonymous said...

"Unpertinent". AHHHHH

The Aunt said...

I'd agree with Eliab. Anon's line of argumentation seems to be deliberately off point and deploys three distractionary lines of argumentation.

It's oddly feminine behaviour... it's that female thing whereby when an argument starts about one thing you just can't help but bring up other things that are off topic because you've realised you can't win on the main argument. In a relationship it's frustrating, but in politics it's just plain intellectual laziness.

We, yes I include self, may not agree with UKIP and the ID group but we are going to have to come up with proper argumentation to the main points rather than starting side snipes like some ticked-off bimbo whose bloke has caught her using his razor to shave her legs.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. 7 comments now.

1 from me
2 from another anon (think it is the same one but could be 2 on a good day for this blog)
1 from someone who understands English
2 from the easily enflamed blogger
1 from a sockpuppet (who cannot write English just like the blogger. Giveaway).

I'm off to read a blog with a readership statistic of more than 1.