Thursday, November 08, 2007

The little people, what do they know or care?

I received this from a friend of mine, Tess Nash today. Tess is one of the most impressive people I have met in the whole Eurorealist movement. Wheelchair bound she has more energy than many half her age - oh and deep reserves of humour.

On the 6th November 2007, 52 Mawgan Villagers came out in the dark, cold night to vote in their own Village Ballot, denied them by both their parish council and their district council.

of a Referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty and

It costs nothing but time, and very little in money, to organise a village ballot,
and for every village, all across the UK which comes out and does the same, it
will mean one more nail in the coffin of a government determined to deny the
people of Britain the democracy which is their birthright.

This coming Sunday, is Remembrance Sunday where we remember our dead, not only of two World Wars, but of all the conflicts where our soldiers, sailors and airmen have laid down their lives that we might all have Freedom.

After such sacrifice, Democracy must not be allowed to die, and that is why I have
organised this Ballot.

Many Thanks to All Those who had the Courage to Come Out and Vote.

Venton Vean, Mawgan


The Aunt said...

She seems an admirable lady and all power to her, but I don't get the link, oft repeated, between the sacrifice our soldiers have made in World Wars and any EU Constitutional Treaty.

The seniorsoldier I knew best once said he was glad that his work as a peacebuilder was being carried on by the European Union.

Elaib Harvey said...

Of course it was Margot Wallstrom who said in a speech at the Jewish Ghetto of Terezin near Prague that those who opposed the Constitution were leading us back to the Holocaust.
Take you point though.