Friday, November 09, 2007

Do they teach press officers maths?

Or at least Press Officers in the Department for Children, Schools and families.

In response to a DCFS report that shows that 1 in 10 children are now going to private schools, an unnamed departmental spokesman has said,

"the "overwhelming majority of pupils" - almost 93% - still attend state schools.
In terms of raw numbers, 2,000 fewer pupils were being taught in private schools, he said.
"The overwhelming majority of parents are clearly satisfied with the state education system," he said.
"New research from Keele University shows that nine out of 10 are happy with their children's schools.
"The state school system is continuing to deliver for parents, regardless of their wealth or background, with record results across the board."
They are clearly happy, where the hell has this prize idiot been? He obviously hasn't met a parent recently.
They are not happy, more like they have been taxed so hard by this blasted government that they cannot afford to escape to private education.

So there we have the authentic voice of Britain's elite today. If you are rich all shall be yours, if you are poor then you can have substandard public services and we will take your compliance with the system (enforced through penal or economic servitude) as your acquiescence.
A shower the lot of them.

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