Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Itr appears that somebody doesn't like Mr Corbett much

Liberty's Requiem puts Mr Corbett in his top ten on a bonfire stakes,

"Richard Corbett MEP. The smug grin that the deputy leader of the Labour MEPs has worn since his wish to have the desires of the British People extinguished seems to have been granted is truly revolting. The stupefying dishonesty of his attempts to justify the most politically dishonest act of my lifetime are offensive in the extreme. His fervent hope that the gradual stripping away of real democratic control from the general public will continue is reason enough
to give him a portent of what generally happens when self selecting elites scorn the people, in seeing his effigy meet the same kind of sticky end that ultimately befell many of his political forebears."

Of course Mr Corbett will no doubt be delighted that somebody outside Brussels knows his name.

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