Saturday, September 15, 2007

The squeal of failed ambition

That paragon of local newspapers, the Bury Times has a lovely tale to tell. A gaggle of local Labour Councillors are whining about the demise of the North West Regional Assembly.
"DEMOCRACY will be the loser under Government plans to abolish regional
assemblies, say local councillors.
They are unhappy that ministers want to hand key powers to unelected quangos such as Regional Development Agencies (RDAs)".
Well yes, the RDAs are unelected QUANGOs that is true, but so are the Assemblies. Just because someone has been elected to a council dioes not mean that they would be elected to a regional assembly. What is more nobody has ever wanted either aspect of regional government. After all the only place that has been asked, just across the pennines made it pretty bloody clear wghat they thought of the idea.

As another example of creeping eurocracy neither the RDAs nor the Asemblies have any legitimacy or credibility at all. All they ever do is spend more of our money with decisions being made at such a distance to the elctorate as to be near invisible.

Return planning to counties, boroughs and districts, whee the people most effected will have a say. Frankly the other areas of responsibility, "housing, transport, and scrutiny of economic development", should either not exist at all or should be run locally as well.

Down in my part of the world, Dorset, I was horrified that the Regional government has decided to plonk the lion's share of new traveller encampments (both temporary and permanent) into the county. Of the total number of 475 new 'transit pitches' in the whole South West no fewer than 326 are in Dorset, 128 in North Dorset alone. That is more than a 1/4 of the whole in one district council area. That Council has one representative on the SWRA out of 114.
Ses like a good deal to me


The Aunt said...

My sister's boyfriend has a tattoo of the Nike swoosh on his neck, with the word "Pikey" inscribed underneath, in large letters. On the other hand he's lived in Dorset for years, so you can't blame that on the Regional Assemblies.

Elaib said...

I love these symbols of local pride