Friday, September 14, 2007

So might we get a say

The Lib/Dems drift, and shuttle and squirm. Ming tells us that we should not have a vote on the Constitutional Treaty, but maybe we should have a vote on the big question.

Well OK. It appears that those so enamoured of Europe cannot bring themselves to allow us a say on specifics they hope that fear and inertia might mean that a vote on withdrawal is winnable.

Well all I can say is be careful what you wish for Sir Ming.

To be fair if the vote was framed along the lines of
Q: Should Britain to leave the European Union?

Then my guess is that people might just say yes.

But if the question was more like,
Q: Should Britain leave the European Union and become utterly isolated, with no friends and prey to a rapacious USA?
Then it is possible that the response may be NO.

Meanwhile it appears the Dutch will not be given the opportunity to have a reprise of their 2004 raspberry. I wonder what the Government there might be scared of?

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