Thursday, September 06, 2007

So who does Dave like?

Obviously not his membership?
Responding to the criticism of Michael Ancram this week we have the boy Dave telling the Sun,
"When you make changes you’ll get blasts from the past who signify nothing".

Remind me what it was that Ancram said,

I have a simple political creed
I believe in people and in their individual freedom and their right to choose; I believe in promoting aspiration and merit; I believe in the smaller state in value for taxpayers moneyy and in being the 'Good Neighbour'; I believe in the family; I believe in protecting and conserving our environment; I believe in the resolute defence of our sovereignty and of the realm.
If Mr Cameron truly thinks that that set of principles signifies nothing God help the Conservative Party


Helen said...

I suspect he simply couldn't remember the full quotation from Macbeth.

the doctor said...

That is it !!!! Cameron really has to go , the party's policies originate from an infants school , the party's big thinkers seem to be struggling to achieve an IQ of 60 . Dave , himself , looses potential voters every time he opens his mouth , he really is a Prat .