Thursday, September 06, 2007

And another thing

If Open Europe was serious about getting a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty then hasn't it missed a trick with this I Want a Referendum lark?

Much as I wished he had lied, it cannot be denied that David Davis had a point when he said that the Labour rebellion would evaporate under the pressure of the government whips as the ratification process makes its way through the Commons.

Yes there should be amendments put down calling for a referendum, but they will no doubt be defeated.

So why not look at the other place where there is a far greater chance of sucess? Surely if the House of Lords had a similar amendment, then the chance of it being passed is far higher?

So if you were going to launch a 'broad based cross party campaign" for a referendum, wouldn't you start in the place where you are most likely to win?

Or could it be that it can be argued that UKIP should not be represented in a campaign that is based on the House of Commons as it has no MPs, but the same arguement could not be made about the House of Lords where Lords Pearson and Willoghby de Broke sit in a UKIP group?

Just wondering.

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