Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New look

Regular visitors might notice that there has been a bit of a change round here in the whole viasual identity of England Expects. This is due to my membership of the new group blog, see big shiny umbrella like button up there on the top right. My thanks to the due North.

The Umbrella Blog is as it describes it self
"Umbrella Blog is a unique concept, bringing together the best of the blogsphere on one blog, in a form that is both stylish and user-friendly.It aims to provide easily accessible reference to a "family" of blogs, allowing the reader to see at a glance what has been posted, and to give enough information about each post to enable readers whether they want to read more.That way, Umbrella Blog is a convenient time-saver and a quick source of information, removing the need to trawl through a large number of blogs yet enabling readers to pick up information they might otherwise have missed.As the "family" of bloggers expands, we aim through them to cover a wide range of subjects, providing a complementary overview of the issues of the day, with analysis and insights that the MSM rarely offers.For individual bloggers, the great advantage of Umbrella Blog is that they are released from the tyranny of daily posts - the need to keep the blog "alive" in order to encourage a regular flow of readers. As soon as they post, the details are shown here, providing a "notice board" for those who might not otherwise have visited their sites.

In the meantime it appears that I have been outed by some scurrilous fellow operating a blog not a million miles from my office. A distinct breach of nettiquette, but I guess unavoidable. I suppose you cannot expect good manners from some people.

At the same time it appears that I have arrived, well down the greasy poll, at the staggeringly overpromoted level of the 72nd best right of centre blog in the UK.

Given the state of the blogosphere generally not sure if I should be falttered or not, but thanks all the same to whoever nominated me.

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The Aunt said...

Like the new look. Posh.