Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And what pray is a correct discourse?

The Gruber Report on the Policy Plan on Legal Migration has this little snippet within it,

P. whereas in the space of a few decades, immigration has become a central topic of public debate throughout the EU - a topic of great political sensitivity which may easily be exploited for demagogic and populist purposes,
Q. whereas politicians and media representatives should be aware of the importance of using a correct discourse on this issue,

Politicians and the press should use only a "correct discourse". Or maybe both the media and the general public sphere should, just maybe listen to the legitimate concerns of the indigenous populace and speak freely and trenchantly about it.
Go boil your head you censorious, repressive, wannabe dictator. It is no surprise to note that this lady is the Parliament's chairman of their delegation to the Gulf States and Yemen and a member of the Iran delegation.

Go and read the wholoe report, well at least some of the recomendations and wonder if MEPs live in the same world as the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the Euromediteranian Project. The Pope has.
Europe Sold out for oil

Sharia law spreading in the UK.

Dutch and Swedish Ministers admitting Islam is to be the Dominant Culture.

Anonymous said...

So thats it then, a Brutal Police state AND Sharia Law....and Broon thinks the Brits will accept this...Email and Blog those links out will you peeps,
I think we need our own regime change.