Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vous etes nicked mon fils

It ios apparent that the pres do want to continue talking about the new Constitution, but they are running out ofthings to say.
The latest example is from Nicci Smith in the Times today,
Essentially the deal is to go through the Treaty and slowly comment piecemeal on seperate paragraphs. This time it is the reintroduction of the European Public Prosecutor.
She has however pulled out a plum of a statment of intent from
"Johannes Thuy, a spokesman for Eurojust, confirmed that the “end goal” was for the body to evolve into a public prosecutor’s office. “We could compel the British police to make a prosecution,” he admitted".

Just to recap, what this will mean is that under the new Constitution there will be the liklihood of a European Public law offical, The European Public Prosecutor, who will be able to order British police to arrest somebody in Britain for a crime, (such as the thought crimes of racism and xenophobia (page 14))which is not a crime in Britain. Then under the European Arrest Warrant the individual can be extradited to a European country where they can be held without charge at the judges pleasure (remember the plane spotters in Greece), and then flung into a foreign goal.

Not that we didn't know this before but it is startling to see it in black and white.
Add that to Eurogendfor and other such organisations and it all gets pretty concerning.


JolietJake said...

I think you meant gaol not goal, never mind the football season is almost upon us again.

Still, it's a good point. The prospect of being arrested for thinking that GB should win an election to become prime minister is so banal it's depressing.

I spreading a rumour that they can't read your thoughts when you're drunk, this'll be fun...

Richard said...

The Mail doesn't seem to have a problem with things to print.

Of course, if UKIP pulled its finger out, then the media might have even more.

The Wilted Rose said...

I hope they bring a band of translators with them when they arrest people, lest they infringe people's human rights :-)