Sunday, August 05, 2007

In love again

This is the Manor House in Hammoon. As a young boy it was lived in by a school friend and I visited it a few times. When I think of how a small English manor house should look, this is the image in my eye.
Then I walked past the windows of Savills in Wimborne today and it is up for sale.
Anybody got a spare £1.5 million?


other said...

Are you pulling my plonker?

If I had £1.5 million then that's the last place I'd be looking to buy. Too difficult to defend when the shit hits the fan and civil disorder breaks out.

Elaib said...

They would have to find it first, anyhow, being driven bck to the fifteenth century is one thing, being forced into a border tower house is quite another. Thereabouts at least I could rely on the locals.