Friday, August 31, 2007

The Devil takes on Jamie Oliver

The Telegraph have a piece on Jamie Oliver. The Devil takes exception,

"Oliver's first series, The Naked Chef, broadcast in 1998, captured his natural enthusiasm for food while cunningly weaving the cooking into a story about his life in a trendy flat (rented by Optomen for Jamie) with good looking, lively friends. The message was, cook like Jamie and you too could be sitting at a
designer dining table surrounded by cool dudes and good looking girls."

Funny, that. The message I took from the show was that if I was ever forced, presumably under the shadow of some sort of horrific and painful death, to eat with Jamie as his astonishingly annoying friends, I would probably end up stabbing them all in the eyes with a fork whilst screaming like a demented banshee. Guess this just shows how different people have different interpretations.


Honey said...

I'd eat with him, good biting comment though

The Aunt said...

I cannot believe this posting from a man responsible for the spread of an indecent and alcoholic dessert based on McVities' chocolate digestives and strong liquor throughout the Brussels English-speaking community, a lively community, I might add, of cool dudes and good looking girls, some of whom have trendy flats.

You, sir, are a pot calling a kettle black.