Friday, August 31, 2007

Decadence... Maybe?

A friend of mine has pointed me to what must be one of the more decadent places on the planet, The Baghdad Country Club.

Some highlights from its website include,
"What Baghdad was missing, apart from peace, stability and infrastructure, was some good wine"


"In the world of chaos which is Baghdad there is an oasis of calm. If James Bond were to walk off the pages of a book; if Hemingway was again reporting on the world's troubles they could probably both be found relaxing over a drink at the Baghdad Country Club. So if you happen to be in Central Baghdad and know a person, who knows the whereabouts of the BCC, you too could be sitting in the cool shade with a vodka martini, mojito or your own personal favorite.

The Restaurant is arguably the finest in Baghdad and one has the choice of dining al fresco in the secured gardens or in the main restaurant adorned with mahogany walls and a clean and simple décor. The menu is a fusion of European and Arabic cuisine and the extensive wine list boasts such classics as vintage Margaux and Chablis through to Australian Shiraz, Chilean Cabernet and Californian Zinfandel. All of which can naturally be enjoyed with a choice of Cuban cigars from our walk in humidor. So if you ever find yourself in Baghdad and need to escape the hustle, come and rub shoulders with some of the more interesting and intriguing individuals that the world has to offer.

"No weapons are allowed in club. The management is happy to secure any firearms, grenades, flash bangs or knives in the club armory."

The membership also looks interesting,

Membership Info
Membership to the BCC is considered case by case based upon our strict vetting process. ...
It is strongly recommended that all applications are supported by an existing member.
Memberships will on occasion be awarded according to commendations for bravery and valuable service in order to recognise gallant and meritorious behaviour.

Good to see that they allow smoking.


Mountjoy said...

It sounds a bit like one of those gentlemen's clubs in London - not that I have ever darkened their doors - where there are still 1600s rules stating, "All swords and sheaths must be deposited with the butler on entry."

"Duels are only permitted in the courtyard after luncheon."

Elaib said...

But they have banned smoking

The Aunt said...

The only reason the Iraqi government hasn't banned smoking is that it's just about the only thing that's providing any tax revenue yet. Including those promised oil exports.

Hierarchy of needs....

Elaib said...

I think that the policing of a smokingban could be quite problematic

The Aunt said...

And policing the smoking ban isn't a problem here in Belgium?

Elaib said...

But I haven't heard of any police federal being kidnapped and sliced into small bits by militant Flemish smokers rights groups...yet