Thursday, July 12, 2007

A tale of two laptops: I have never been stolen

Here you see two laptops,

Can you see any difference between them? Not really.

However it seems that there could be an existensial difference between them, as you might be able to tell from the email sent out this morning to the Parliament.
"Dear colleagues,

Last night, TWO of our laptops were stolen from our offices, incl. one owned by the MEP.
If anyone else has recently experienced the theft (this week), please come forward and we can deal with this together.

For the rest of you: Please be cautious not to leave your materiel in your offices and help us speak out on this subject. This has gone too far, people's personal belongings are being stolen from their own offices in a political institution.


Katrin Saks MEP"

You will note that the laptop of the assistant seems to be somehwat less important than the "one owned by an MEP".

This rather plaintive, but revealing (after all she is a socialist) email is followed by what must be the pointless email that I have seen for at least a week,
"I have being coming to Strasbourg every month the last 21 years
As I never have been stolen I can not help you. Sorry

Alvaro MARIN

21 years and still a Parliamentary assistance!


Anonymous said...

Can you see any difference between them? Not really.

Well, one is a mac....

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Ms Saks meant that one of the laptops was her personal property, and not that of her party or the Parliament. I see nothing to indicate a distinction between the MEP and her assistant.

I surmise that you are not terribly familiar with Estonia, where people are, in general, shockingly honest.

Finally: an Estonian "socialist" is not a British socialist; an Estonian socialist is someone with a social conscience who is not a communist. Remember them?

europhobe said...

We do not mean to disgree with you, but they are different colours and types...

Anonymous said...

The Mac one works better and is sexier.

Elaib said...

Allright so I walked into that didn't I? The famous Mac PC trench warfare. For what it is worth, to me it matters not. Can I do my work on it? Yes great.

So you are suggesting that she feels strongly about her personal possessions, but not those funded by the taxpayer?
Are you sure?

And of course nobody except Estonian pure bred 'socialists' have social concience, how patronising, how bigotted, how socialist.

Anonymous said...

The two laptops are very different. In size, color, form factor and how they work. It is visible even to the untrained eye.

I understand the point you are trying to make, but it just wasn't the right question to ask, sorry.

Honey said...

wot them sed.

oh and yes, the MEP's one probably is more important as she probably has way more confidential stuff on it (all that gravytraining that goes on etc.), oh and she wrote the email so it's more important to her
and did any one say one's greay and one's black already?
*wanders off muttering darkly*