Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sweetness of Freedom

Words cannot express my contempt for this,

Mr McMillan-Scott, Conservative MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, described Alan Johnston’s release as: "An enduring tribute to the sweetness of freedom, denied to his captors and the people of Gaza."

This is the man who, on returning - he styles himself as "the European Parliament vice-president responsible for the Arab world" - from a progress through Palestine boasted about the Hamas Green tie he had been given, and proudly wears at every opportunity. How he can conflate the captivity under permanent threat of death of the journalist to the situation in the West bank? The moral equivalence is disgraceful in the extreme.

MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, balls, MEP for Ramallah more like.


Helen said...

Just as a matter of interes, who denies freedom to the people of Gaza? Has the wretched man not noticed certain things that have happened there?

Elaib said...

We do you fool

Helen said...


Elaib said...

It was the royal we!

The Aunt said...

That was indeed a particularly fatuous statement.

I know it's the colour of the Prophet but in my experience Hamas only turns green if you leave it in the fridge too long.

Tippler said...

That expalins a great deal, Aunty.
It's shit on toast, too.