Sunday, July 15, 2007

Short smoking ban

Can I direct you to a rather good few paragraphs in the Observer (yes I wrote that),
"Brown/Cameron confuse suburban curtain-twitching prurience for serious moral judgment; meanwhile, genuine ethical dilemmas are filed in the too-hard basket. So leaving soldiers to die in a war without strategy is ethical. They can gamble with lives; you can't gamble with chips. The public senses that Brown/Cameron on morality is play acting. When maintenance-shy fathers are caught, they face little sanction. Repeat offenders are released from jail after comically short sentences. Known terrorists are not prosecuted or even asked for their passports when entering the country.
No, where leadership is really needed Brown/Cameron suddenly come over all squeamish. Because for all their bombast they have lost their moral bearings: so you, lawful citizen, cannot be bad; but others are free to be evil."

Reda the whole thing

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