Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rude word alert 'SNO7'

Scots officials have come up with something that pushes the boundaries of craven, dribbling idiocy
"A DVLA spokesperson said the decision to change the plates was taken to avoid offending car buyers in the capital.

She added: "It is our policy that any registration mark that can be construed as being offensive to people will be suppressed.

"In this case, the SN07 marks would have been too similar to the word 'snot' and, as that could possibly offend some buyers, they were replaced with new TN07 registrations."

Seriously could anbody be ofended by the followiung phrase SNO7?

OK I know that the DVLA is in Wales, but the complaint, I bet came that from Morningside.

Thanks Dude

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