Monday, July 16, 2007

Prison works

Another horrifying story from frontline Britain,
"A Wallington man who shot a shop manager during an armed robbery should have been in jail when the crime was committed, it has been revealed".

It is of course axiomatic that if somebody is inside serving time then they cannot commit crime. In this case one man is lucky to be alive, due to the almost willful negligence on the part of the parole board.
"Sean Henry, 35, of Douglas Close, was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years for attempted murder, robbery and possessing a firearm after he stole diamond rings worth £50,000 from Amore jewellers in Horsham.
It has now emerged that just 13 months before carrying out the robbery in September 22, 2005, he had been released on licence after serving 13 years for murder.
If the advice of the Probation Service had been followed he would have been transferred to an open prison for at least another two years before being released".

Now I wonder if his victim, Darren Prior, has the right to sue the Parole board for attempted corporate manslaughter?

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