Monday, July 02, 2007

Little birdy tells me..

My informants tell me that tomorrow David Cameron will be making a big statement about the European Constitution. It seems that he will be calling for a referendum.


It seems that it is felt that the throw away demands of William Hague are not enough to placate the Tory faithfull, they want leadership, and they want Euroscepticism.

So expect a strong statement from Dave demanding that there be a referendum; that Gordon Brown stand by the manifesto comitment. Dave strong to the last.

But wait (stop giggling at the back) will he answer two basic questions?

1) If Brown goes ahead as he has promised and pushes through ratification through Parliament, will Dave make a commitment to offer a referendum on the Treaty - as a manifesto commitment, if the Tories are fortunate enough to win the next election?

2) If a referendum is called will Dave campaign for a 'No' vote given that everybody apart from him will be saying that a No vote will be regarded as a vote to leave the EU?

So it apears I was too optomistic and the little birdy was wrong. Normal Tory equivocation continues.

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