Monday, July 23, 2007

Faster pussycat...

Today's General Affairs Council was presided over by Luís Amado, the Portugese Foriegn Minister, and amongst his speaking notes is this rather chilling statement of intent,

"The Presidency will guide this IGC in strict compliance with the mandate we received. That mandate is the unique basis and exclusive framework for the
work of the IGC. We shall not deviate one millimetre from that mandate . The mandate set out the explicit will of all the Heads of State and Government which approved it. The general responsibility for the conduct of this IGC falls on them". (Bold in orignal)
This is of course well beyond the legal and indeed the precedent of the Council of Mnisters, who have never before been bound by anything about what they can, and cannot bring to the table at a Council meeting. What they are doing is abolishing 'any other business', which as we all know is when the interesting stuff happens. What is astounding is the Milliband, no doubt under the instructions of Gordon Brown is going along with this astounding piece of lesse majestie. (Just imagine if Jacques Chirac had been bound by a previously set agaenda).

A bit earlier in the speaking notes is yet another commitment to do everything at such a speed as to not allow the negotiators feet touch the ground, (let alone allow national political debate effect the outcome).
"the IGC must conclude its work as quickly as possible".

Frankly, during the long summer recess there is not a tart's chance of chastity that any serious consideration will happen.

Oh and there seems to be a deadline set as well. The Constitution will be signed, sealed and delivered,
"The Presidency has organised the working of this IGC with the aim of concluding negotiations on 18 and 19 October, in Lisbon".

So now you know.

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