Thursday, July 05, 2007

Causing a stir

Yesterday's comments about the Department of Transport seem to have struck a chord.
Today all the Ministerial responsibilities have been altered. So within a week of the reshuffle, there is a further reshuffle within the DoT.
Now it is the Prescott's protege, Rosie Winterton who is the Minister for walking, though now it is described as,"Walking, cycling and sustainable transport"Which gives a far better greener gloss to the whole thing.
Interestingly Tom Harris has been stripped of his responsibility for Crossrail. Now that I know that at least one Lobby journalist contacted the DoT about a scotsman running Crossrail after reading this blog. Oddly looking around, nobody is now responsible for Crossrail, which will delight Londoners.
Can I claim a scalp? Maybe, so I shall.
England Expects causes minor reshuffle in small government department.
Has a certain ring to it doesn't it?


IanP said...

Well done, keep it up.

The more pressure we can apply to get these sometime morons back into the real world and away from the consultancy driven 'fluffy cloud' world that they seem to live in the better.

davod said...

How many non English ministers are there.

Mike Wood said...

Should that read
"Rosie Winterton is Minister for You'd-Be-Better-Off-Walking"?