Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who do you believe?

One of the truisms of war, politics and other contested areas of life, is that it always serves you well to look at what the other side are saying or doing. This is particularly apposite when they the other side are replete with confidence.
To that end I bring you another collection of quotes from the federasts of Europe. This time from yesterday's European parliamentary Constitutional Affairs Committee.

All the Constitution is there ! Nothing is missing !
Jean-Louis Bourlanges MEP,

We kept the substance of the Constitution
Jo Leinen MEP (President)

We have the same thing but we regressed for transparency and clearness
Enrico Baron Crespo MEP

It's incredible to see all what they slipped under the carpet !
Gérard Onesta MEP

Formally, it's not a constitution but it's a big step to the constitution
Carlos Carnero MEP

Our political union finally has a Constitution
Johannes Voggenhuber MEP

Can we have a referendum please?

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