Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Utterly ludicrous

This just hit my email box. And I admit myself flabbergasted in so many ways.
The International Development Committee of the House of Commons travels to Edinburgh today for the first time to discuss overseas development assistance with the Scottish Executive and a committee of MSPs. This is the first such visit by the Committee. In the light of Scotland's rising aid budget–now up to £4.5 million a year–the Committee decided that this would be an opportune moment to discuss areas of shared interest with the new administration and with the newly appointed European and External Relations Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

£4.5 million! Oh give over, they cannot really be serious... can they?


The Aunt said...

4.5 million pounds? Spent more than that this morning.

No, seriously, I did. All in one go, too.

Elaib said...

I suppose they are Scottish, so it's a lot to give away for hem