Friday, June 29, 2007

A pair of miserabilists

Your honour, I bring two prize example of those who are, in common parlence, described as miserabalists.

My first example comes from the lovely seaside town of Tenby in West Wales.
May I introduce Inspector Nigel Hayes, of Pembrokeshire Roads Policing Unit. The good inspector is concerned about saftey at carnivals,
“I am concerned about the way in which people, and in particular children, are carried on carnival floats during carnival processions. “Our main concern is the safety of the individuals who are being carried on these vehicles, as in 1999 a person fell off a float and suffered serious injury".

Somebody fell of a float 8 years ago and he is waving legislation at every float owner. Get a life Inspector. (Carnival floats face a double whammy this year. Not only are there health and saftey concerns like this one, but the drivers may find themselves in breach of European driver hours restrictions). Have a nice day everyone.

My second example is a little more sinister,
"Smoking ban will be self enforcing, says CIEH"
Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Graham Jukes made some rather worrying comments about it,
“The first level of regulation will be the public themselves, who expect and enjoy smokefree environments.
“The second line of regulation is business proprietors, who hold the primary responsibility for preventing smoking in enclosed public spaces".

If the people do not then do what they are told they will be taken outside and disposed of in the traditional method.

Very good, and long article on the smoking ban by Joe Jackson of all people to be found here. I really do advise you to go and read the lot.


Scroblene said...

Interesting essay that!

You've got to be verrrrrry carefull using "Dr".

A radio debate some years ago on smoking had the chap from Forest (pro baccy), and a director of Ash (anti baccy).

The Ash man started after being introduced as "Doctor .....", and said his piece. When the Forest man was asked to comment, he said a couple of words, paused a second, then said, "You're not a medical man are you...".

The Ash man had to admit that actually, he wasn't.

Egg on face I'm afraid, and collapse of reasoned argument by Ash. Shame really.

LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

I have put a link on my blog to the article, and agree it is interesting and informative.