Friday, June 29, 2007

Just beggars belief

Despite the fact that this is a European Commission Propaganda Film, Entitled "Film lovers will love this" it is not entirely work safe.
Taken from the new EUTube Commission film site.

Go and have a look round, it is what your money is beingf spent on.

Now I liked the film Amelie, but this is just absurd.


First the Sunday Times, and now the Mail seem to have picked up on the story - though to be fair, the Sunday Times got there first

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The Aunt said...

I have to say the info mavens are delighted. It seems that having been lured by the soft porn, people are actually watching the others in the hopes of more tittiliation. Even the one on the end of sugar subsidies.

The humanitarian aid one is getting quite a few hits. I think it's because it's short.