Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"I refute it thus!"

Done with the sang froid one might expect

Climate science
Sir, – As a non-scientist I cannot have read one-hundredth of the number of scientific articles read by Robert May, yet I am familiar with at least a score (each citing a score more) questioning key parts of the theory that there is a threat of catastrophic man-made global warming. So when Lord May claims (April 6) that “not one” respected scientist is unconvinced, far from persuading me he only makes me doubtful of his other claims.
Moreover, by applying the term “denial” (with all its loaded undertones) to sceptical scientists; by referring to them inaccurately as “well funded” by the oil industry; and by likening those who stress the uncertainties of climate science to unprincipled lobbyists for tobacco companies, Lord May enters on the field of personal vilification – not a suitable place for a distinguished former President of the Royal Society.
There is a great deal more money and acceptability available to consensus scientists than to dissenters. This suggests that the work of the doubters should be taken very
seriously, since it brings with it problems both of funding and of exclusion from the friendly embrace of the Establishment. I admire such people, much as I have admired other dissidents like Solzhenitsyn, Pastor Bonhoeffer – oh, and Galileo and Darwin.


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Well said My Lord, well said.


Tippler said...

"There is a great deal more money and acceptability available to consensus scientists than to dissenters."

Not in this field, there isn't. For the obvious big-business reasons.

Kind of fucks his argument in my not-very-humble-at-all opinion.

Elaib said...

C'mon Tippler,

A great deal more acceptability - of course there is, you only have to turn on the TV and look at a newspapaer to see that.

On the money front. The combined might of the various taxpayer funded research programmes, UN, EU, HMG etc, plus the multi million pound multi national NGO's.
Methinks they have a good solid wedge of cash

Cleanthes said...

Plus any respectable, honest scientist who actually wants his/her research to taken seriously cannot - for the reasons above - get his/her money from "big oil".