Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What a T.. T.. ..T.. T.. Duffer

Andrew Duff is a Lib Dem MEP for the Eastern Counties. I also suspect that his own electorate do not realise what they have elected.

He is one of the main drivers in favour of a Euuropean Constitution and as such has a certain contempt for the majority opinion in the country. There will be a meeting of the most sceptical countries in Prague to discuss what to do to stymie the German proposals for a new opne.

This is what he said about attempts to ensure that the next stage of the Constitution is kept accountable.
"They are following in the slip stream of the English -- which is the prominent eurosceptical country. If the English can be defeated then the opposition in Prague will disappear,"

Run that by me again, he hopes that the, "English can be defeated". Let me remind this traitor that his words wiil be repeated across the fens, broads, Stour valley and elsewhere until he realises that he has lost the partial support he might once have had.
Mr Duff sir, you are a disgrace. If you ever served a purpose in representing the people in your constituency you have outlived it. You are, if I may use a vernacular, a teetering column of overboiled spinach, a split gizzard, a burnt offering, a shine-pated crack arse, a pox-stained finches pizzle, indeed you are beneath contempt.


bhm said...

You called that right. What ever happened to treason? Seems the whole EU treaty is an attempt to undermine the government of the country, not lessened by that government's complicity in the conspiracy.

The Aunt said...

Sir, I have always been fond of the handsome foxtrot you daily dance with the English language, but that string of amply called-for insults has propelled you into my very own Fred Astaire of Vocabulary Hall of Fame.

Rollo said...

What do we call a British citizen who wants to be defeated? Haw Haw? Traitor? No the best word is Quisling, the inventor of the European Union, best known for his collaboration on behalf of the Nazis. This man should be arrsted and treated like Rudolf Hess, one of his fore-runners.

The Aunt said...

Quisling invented the EU?

Man, 10 concours and I never spotted that.

Elaib said...

That'll be from a n article by John Laughland