Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Tories have left the field

While the Tories abandon aspiration by dropping selection in Schools (and I cannot wait to see Mr Chalk's response to this brainfart) it appears that Tony Blair has lost the plot.
Ministers urged top private schools today to join the state system and help raise standards of education in poor areas.

Oh yes I can see it now, at the same time Ministers have asked the BBC to provide balanced reporting, they have requeswted that the Stock Exchange donate all its profits to the Waterloo soup kitchen and they have called upon, chelsea football club to hand over Didier Drogba to Accrington Stanley on a free transfer.

All this comes only a short month after Bristol University published the results of a survey which tells us that,
"The paradox is that, for the minority of poor children who do gain a place in a grammar school, the advantage this bestows appears to be greater than for more affluent children," they reported.

"If access could be widened then the case for keeping selective education would be greatly enhanced."

Which of course leaves the UK Independence Party as the last remaining British party that is in tune with the vast majority of the population on selection.

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